Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What steps have you taken to eat a little healthier?

I finally gave in bought the frozen fruit I've been eyeing for months at Costco. I knew I could get more nutrient dense foods in a delicious way through smoothies. I bought a  frozen fruit blend, frozen strawberries, acai smoothie packets, bananas, and spinach. I'm drinking smoothies for breakfast and vary up the combinations. One way to add nutrients is to add the citrus essential oil or the lemon. It has a little umph to the flavor of the smoothie too!

I made my pumpkin cookies with coconut oil instead of butter. This has more health properties. You can fry with coconut oil or bake with it. I even put it on my face as a moisturizer a couple times a week and my skin (already pretty good) has cleared up in my not so good areas (my chin). Its made a huge difference in the red that left over.

Take small steps to improve your diet! What are small changes you can make today? If you don't know, here are some ideas:

1. Switch out vegetable oil for canola oil, better yet.. use coconut oil!
2. Use brown rice over white rice. If you don't like the taste, do half white and half brown to get started
3. find recipes that use honey or 100% maple syrup instead of refined sugars.
4. Substitute white flour for oat, whole, or brown rice flour. (cookies, breads, etc)
5. Add ONE vegetable to your meal if you don't have any.
6. Don't buy boxed packages of food... they are full of preservatives, food coloring, and processed foods with little nutrients.
7. Eat fruit for dessert
8. While you're at it, go and do something that gets your body moving too!