Fitness during pregnancy

For those, who don't know, I am pregnant. I am also fit and pregnant. A friend suggested that I keep a record of what I am doing to stay healthy and active. I will start doing some videos showing some of the workouts that I do. First, I will give you a brief update of the last 4 months and pre-pregnancy:

I did a variety of things to stay fit. I ran on the bike path quite a bit, which is 4 miles round trip. My favorite running is doing intervals. I'll run for 1 minute or 1 minute and 30 sec, and then slow jog for 30 sec. I did that for the last 3 1/2 miles so I could warm up. Stretching after  and cooling down by walking is essential and feels Oh-so-good.
I lift weights, but not what you typically imagine with the bench press and heavy weights. I shifted to a system that works really well for me and focuses on other aspects of fitness. Those other aspects include flexibility, balance, and core strength. I trained a few people in a plan called The Extreme Fat-Loss Diet. From it, I pulled out exercises and strength techniques that I really liked. I think of 2 exercise sets. They usually include 3-4 exercises each- legs arms legs arms, and then legs arms legs, or vice versa. I enjoy full body workouts, not only chest or legs. Sometimes, I do as many as I can in a set amount of time. Other times, I slow it down. For example, if I am doing a squat, I'll take 3 full seconds to go down and 2 full seconds to come up. It forces you to have great control in your movements and in technique. Then, I'd usually do 1-3 miles on a treadmill, elliptical, or steps. I end with stretching. With all of it included, its about 1 hour at the gym and I come home feeling awesome. With many of the exercises, I stand on an exercises ball like the one below:

It forces me to use the core muscles in my legs, butt, and core. I stand on this for all of my arm exercises, squats, and balance exercises. You can be REALLY creative with it.

What about crunches??? I always NEVER do crunches. Yet, I always got complimented in my figure, abs, flat stomach, you name it. My trick is very simple. I engage my core muscles by bringing my belly button to the spine throughout any weight lifting exercise. It strengthens the connective tissue and works the abdominals correctly. It makes the workouts far more effective and provides better back support. I used and still use what is called the Tupler technique, which focuses on breathing correctly, and the small movements in daily life.
I love to swim in the ocean. I'll swim at Hukilau for 10 minutes, and it refreshes me right up. Sometimes, I'll do this right after a run. Hiking and surfing are great too. It all about having an active lifestyle and making time to be active. It makes a huge difference in how I feel and how much energy I have.

Month 1 of pregnancy:
I was finishing up with finals and exams, and didn't do as much as I wanted. We were on the mainland for a few weeks visiting family. I used Creighton's sister's elliptical. I did whatever I could really. I also was experiencing some morning sickness, and felt nauseous with almost any food. It all started with Thai curry before we flew out of Hawaii. Food just did not look appetizing all of the time. This is when I was suspecting that I was pregnant, but did not really know. When we flew to IL, I used the local gym for a week as well.  This month went by really fast. While i had some nauseousness, I could still eat, and keep food down. As many of you know, I do energy healing. I hadn't had a chance to work on myself for that fully at that time.

Month 2 of pregnancy:
My New Years Resolution was to work out consistently 4-5 times a week. I took a pregnancy test after I missed a 2nd period. I did alternative healing to free myself from morning sickness and anything related to it. Since then, I've been feeling great. If you want to know more about it, go to I am a practitioner for the Emotion Code and Body Code, which is explained on the website. With morning sickness gone and exercise, pregnancy could not have been easier. I did what I committed myself to do. I used the same exercise ball to improve and strengthen core muscles and balance. I really didn't change much this month from pre-pregnancy. I ran the same distances, swam, lifted, surfed, hiked, etc. The only changes that I made were increasing the sets of Tupler technique exercises, to prevent a separation of the abdominal muscles and keep my connective tissue strong.

I was more consistent in doing these as part of my cool down when I worked out. I did 5 sets of 100 contractions and 10 sets of elevators. These are safe during pregnancy and help with recovery after. I muscle test to see what form of exercise would benefit my body the most, and that is how i decide on what to do. I made sure that I ate well, and had fresh fruits and veggies as snacks as well.

Month 3 of pregnancy:
I did not go the the doctor till I was a full 3 months along due to delays with insurance. I still did not change too much. I still did my single leg deadlifts, while keeping my belly button to my spine. I even ran in the Great Aloha Run on Feb 18th, which put me at 16 weeks pregnant. I took it at a steady pace the first 4 miles, and when I knew I only have 4 miles left, I did intervals. I made sure that I felt okay about how fast I was going. I finished the run and made my goal of 2 hours and 20 min! I was stoked and felt so good after the run. The baby was still small enough and I was not really showing at all.

Month 4 of pregnancy:
       I made a few more changes in the last 4 weeks. Though I am still quite small, I felt it necessary to change things up a bit. I do regular running a little bit less and I don't run as long. I get my cardio using the elliptical and swimming more. I still use the ball for balance when I lift weights. I still do squats, lunges, and balance exercises. I do 1-2 exercise sets still. I work my arms and balance my strength training between shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and back. After cardio, I allow plenty of time for stretching and my abdominals. They probably take me 20-25 minutes. I am still small enough and feel that the baby is used to my heart rate increasing from exercise. At week 18, my friend visited and we did 2 hikes in a day. Granted, it may have been a little much, especially the steep hike. I was out of breath sooner than normal (or not?). I felt exhausted for a day after, and then felt back to normal. On week 19, I hiked Crouching Lion. We hiked up and that was super steep as well. But I felt in shape enough where I could handle it. I felt good afterwards. I was conscious of making sure that I had enough oxygen and took a break to get my breath back. That was 2 days ago and I feel sore. My abdomen feels great. I feel sore in my shoulders and serratus anterior muscle the most from climbing rocks. My hamstrings and quads are also a bit sore. Its the "good sore" feeling. Today, I plan on lifting, and doing some form of cardio, and of course the Abdominal exercises. I've gained 10 lbs since pre-pregnancy so far. I am so grateful for tools I have to help me. Energy healing has been a lifesaver for me. If I feel nauseous, I correct the imbalances, and feel completely normal. I can say its been an easy pregnancy thus far because of proper foods, exercise, and energy healing.
       I ended the week feeling pretty good. On Saturday, I went on a 20-30 minute run because my body felt like it so much extra energy. I ran about 2-3 miles. It felt so good. It did not just feel like it was good for my body, but the baby's as well. This is the first week where I think that I felt the baby's first kick.  I didn't really understand before when people would tell me or I would read that they felt "butterflies". I understand now, but would describe it to be more like bubbles popping. It happened about 19 1/2 weeks.

Week 20:
This is the week that we find out the gender and make sure the heart and brain are where they should be at. It has taken a long time, but I can finally say that I am getting excited. I went from denial, to not really believing that I was pregnant, to feeling numb about the pregnancy (no feelings whatsoever), to fully accepting it but it not feeling real, to realizing that I need to do all the activities I can before I can't do them anymore, to being excited. It still feels surreal and its hard to imagine the change that will happen in my life. Its hard to see myself  "as a mom". It really is a miracle that something can grow inside of my body and eventually be an infant. I am debating whether or not to surf this week, and maybe do another hike. We'll see!
Part of being healthy includes emotional health. Stress can affect us in negative ways. Some include causing physical pain like headaches, weakness, a lowered immune system, and through negative thoughts. When we experience intense emotions, energies from those emotions can remain trapped in the body. Its like a foriegn, low vibration energy that can distort the energy field and tissues in the body. When they are there, our bodies are already feeling those negative emotions. It makes sense to me now HOW emotional stress affects the body. When pregnant, the baby can absorb those emotions because the mother felt them. There are some people who tend to eat more when they are stressed. My problem is I lose my appetite and motivation to eat. I felt more weakness in my body as a result. I knew that my body needed the nutrients, but for 2 days, it was hard to pick up the motivation to cook those yummy things that my body needs. This was one of those weeks. Despite the up and down emotions that I experienced this week, I still managed to work out 3 times. One days weas more intense, and the other 2 days were not as intense. The less intense includes swimming or a short jog, stretching and abdominal exercises. Cheers to a better week next week!

Week 21:
This and last week, I have felt off in my workout routine. I've been feeling more tired and emotional in the last couple weeks. I have definitely felt the lack of motivation. At the same time, my body feels like I just need to move. When I was short on time, I went to the gym for 20 min to use the ellyptical and treadmill. Then, I spent about 15 mutes stretching. I felt SO much better. That movement in my life just makes a big difference. For those who lack motivation, I feel ya! The week ended a lot better. I went to the gym 3 times, and swam at the beach on another day. Even though I felt unmotivated, I MADE my self go because I knew I would feel better. I've been feeling more tired the past couple weeks. I'm not sure if thats just a pg symptom though.

Week 22: This week started off well. On Monday, I went to the gym to realize that it closed early. I settled with an exercise set of squats, wall push-ups and lunges. I stretched and I spent some time doing the Tupler technique for my abdominals. I am happy to say that the gap (diastasis) has gotten smaller and is less deep. That means that the connective tissue is stronger, and there is more support for my back despite the growing weight in the front. This also means that if I can maintain this, it will help to prevent vaginal birth issues in the future because it helps to keep the uterus where they are supposed to be. The biggest difference in my recent workouts is that when I run, I wear a resistance band around my belly to provide more support when I run, lift weights, and do the Tupler exercises.
I am really excited to start some classes to prepare both me and my husband for furture events to come. I've decided on the Bradley Method for a pain plan. This is divided into 12 weeks and will help to educate my husband on how to coach me so HE knows what to expect. He is not much of a book reader. It will go over the signs and things that happen at different phases in labor so we can recognize it. There is more and I don't know a whole lot yet. It will be great to have a better idea of what to expect.
I still look small from the eyes of others, but I don't feel that way. My tummy is starting to rounding up and I cannot button any of my pants. Clothes do a great job of hiding baby bumps. I'm thinking that the next 2 months will bring a lot of growth. As of yet, movement is not uncomfortable. I can still sleep on my back comfortably.

Week 23:
The past couple weeks, I've been feeling more tired and exhausted. My workouts have been less intense as well, not because I did it on purpose, but because I've been busy and tired. This week though, I am picking it back up. Depending on my clothing now, I am noticeably pregnant. Despite the tiredness, which is my biggest pregnancy symptom, I did really well with my exercise this week. Thanks to the Tupler technique, my connective tissue is still strong between my abdominal muscles. Any weight gained is baby. I feel so good after moving my body. Creighton has been so good at supporting me at that. One reason is that I become nicer after I work out. My moods lifts dramatically. I swam and ran one day, and did a cardio/ strength training combo three days. I feel pretty good and I am so grateful for the benefits of exercise.

Week 24:
There was a day where I didn't eat too well, and my abdomen area felt more sensitive than normal. Exercise and energy healing was very helpful. I was able to feel back to normal. I had an intense workout on Tuesday at the gym, doing strength training, cardio, stretching, and abdominals. I am more consistent this week with the Tupler technique exercises. My connective tissue is very shallow below and above the belly button, but at a medium depth at the belly button, 1 1/2 fingers wide. This is were the baby is growing the most. More people are noticing that I'm pregnant at this point, but also tell me I'm small for where I'm at. I've also heard from others that they were similar their first pregnancies. I swam on Thursday and did the abdominal exercises. I'd like to challenge you in your pregnancy to do something to be active today and see if you feel a difference.

Week 25
This week was quite the busy week, but still manages to get my body moving. I had 2 good gym days. I missed 2 days on the Tupler exercises. Its  so important to keep the body strong during pregnancy to not only be prepared physically for labor, but also to help in the proper alignment of the uterus and other ligaments, which will make a vaginal birth easier. While I know quite a bit about the abdominal muscles, I don't know much about kegals and pelvic tilts. My husband and I attended the first Bradley Method Class this week. this is basically a husband coaching class. We went over several exercises to do and did kegals. It felt really good on my back and upper gluteal muscles. I just was not sure about the position of being on all 4's because the stomach is facing the floor, which can cause the organs to push down on the abdomen, weakening connective tissue and widening the gap on the diastasis. I'll figure it out and get back to find the solution. To a great week and growing belly!

Weeks 26-27
Because of being busy, I haven't been doing as much as before. Despite being busy, I still make an effort to stay active because it not only gives me more energy, but it also helps me to feel happier and less emotional. Not much has changed as far as my workout routines go. I still do everything that I've stated above. The belly is getting more noticeable as well. I am pregnant. This last couple days (week 27), I did feel some back aches. Hopefully, they do not persist!

Week 28
I went to the gym 2 times this week and did my usual weight training/ strength training, balance. One of the days I only had 30 minutes, but it really felt great to get something in. Life seems to be getting busier. I did my Tupler exercises while driving or watching TV with my husband this week. There was not too much back ache at all this week. I did a short 20 minute jog and swam a couple times this week. We did a hike, with it being Memorial day Weekend. Just being active has made a huge difference for my back. I want to talk about why I work on balance whenever I do strength training. It will help to offset the extra weight that is front of me. The more I improve it, the easier it will be in the third trimester. I balance on one foot on the half-moon exercise ball with weights in my hands while I change positions on my leg to strength different muscles throughout my legs. I'll let you know how it is the last three months!

Week 29-30:
I started to feel some backache during week 29. It was located more on my sides. What I really noticed though was that when I felt the backache, I hadn't exercised for 4-5 days doing weight training. After I did the weight training, Tupler exercises, and 10-15 cardio, I felt much better. I went to the gym twice a week for weeks 29 and 30, even if it was a short time. I was not as consistent this week with the Tupler exercises. I noticed that the diastasis was 2 fingers in the middle, which has widened a little bit. Its about 1 1/2 on top and closed on the bottom. It is also good to take into consideration that the baby has been growing a lot more in the last month than previously. Yesterday, we went to the beach and I did a short jog on the beach and swam for my workout. I love being active. It helps to improve how I feel physically and emotionally. I feel a lot more in control of my emotions. It also feels good on my back.

Week 31
This week, I notice back ache and some ache in the right side of my ribs, where I the baby tends to stay up higher. I went to the gym 3 times this last weeks. The first day, I did strength training on the ball and cardio, and Tupler exercises. The 2nd day I just did cardio with the Tupler exercises. The third day, I did strength training with the Tupler technique. The Tupler technique is a must because it helps to prevent/ maintain the separation of the abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy. It is safe for the baby and keeps the connective tissue between the muscles strong as well, which helps with the alignment of the uterus, making it easier for a vaginal birth. I always do squats as well. If you haven't started and you want to, i'd start with doing squats with a exercise ball against the wall. The baby's movement is much more often now. I measured about 31 cm from the top to the bottom down my stomach. Do you want tips or ned help knowing what to do?? Send me a message!

Week 32
My emotions this last week were pretty steady and it was a good week. I am in week 32 right now. I've been to the gym twice, but am dying to get into the ocean. I had an emotional flare this week. Normal, right? It was then that I really noticed back ache. It goes to show how emotions really do affect us physically. The biggest update is that I finally got my splint! I did my exercises twice with the splint and already noticed a significant difference in the deepness of the diastasis and the width. It is now considered shallow and I went from 2 fingers apart to 1 1/2 fingers apart. Right now, I am going to just wear it during exercise, by as I get bigger, I may wear it to bed as well. As long as it is comfortable to wear, it IS safe to wear during pregnancy. And I noticed a reduction in the achiness of my ribs. Remember, getting the body moving can really help physically and emotionally! There is always something you can do.
Late week 32: I don't know what it is, but my emotions have  been really up and down this week. You know, the high highs and the low lows. I doubt it is all pregnancy, but maybe hormones really do play a role in it?? My emotions have just been really intense, so if I feel uptight and frustrated, it feels aggravated. Any thoughts?? I really just didn't/ don't care about my eating or anything right now. It was little things that were bothering me too. It happens to the best of us.

Weeks 33-34
The last 2 weeks, I noticed that I have been out of breath more easily than before. Even when I rode my bike to school, which is only a 3 minute bike ride. I've been pretty exhausted in general the past 2 weeks as well.I have however maintained working out at the gym twice a week, which has always been helpful for me. Getting my body moving makes a big difference. Walking in the heat is also very exhausting. But when I go on the elliptical  for 10-15 minutes, it is very invigorating and energizing. I have been less consistent in general with the Tupler exercises, and also noticed some backache at times. But with the last 4 days, I made sure to do it each day. I find that 9 sets of 100 contractions is most beneficial for me. I have also been wearing my splint more often, which helps the backache and provides support. When I do energy sessions, I sit on an exercise ball and wear the splint while I do them. This week, I am recommitting myself to do the Tupler exercises each day. I am doing great for being 34 weeks pregnant and still feel strong for the most part.

Week 35
I worked out twice this week at the gym and did the Tupler technique 6 out of 7 days. The belly support/splint really helps with back ache now.  I still sleep pretty well. On Saturday, we went stand-up paddle boarding at Kahana Bay. We paddle boarded for about 2 1/2 hours and I was exhausted. Even though it was exhausting, it feels so good to know that I can handle that at 8 months pregnant. My strength and my balance haven't declined because I've been working out and staying active. I thoroughly believe that by staying active and eating well (with a little cheating), pregnancy can be easier and energy levels will be higher.

Week 36
I did my usual twice a week at the gym. We went to the swimming pool once as well and it was a busy week as always. I am wearing the belly band splint more often now, especially when I do sessions for work. I have to sit for an hour or so at a time and that really helps with the back ache. I'm doing about 10 sets of seated tupler contractions a day. And I can definitely tell that baby is getting bigger! I'm pretty sure the head is down now for the most part. Good but busy and active week!

Week 37:
Did I really hit the 37 week mark? Wow! Where has time gone? After talking to my sister, I am going to start sitting in the squat position, stabilized by a chair or table and hold it in that position and work my way up to 3-4 min, while bringing the belly from the 5th to 6th floor and opening up the pelvic floor at the same time. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. It is to practice pushing so that the body knows how to do it properly. Other than that, I'm keeping things pretty consistent, I'm not trying to get stronger, but just trying to maintain the strength I have and prepare my body for labor using exercise, good eating, and energy work. If you're interested in how energy work can help get your body/ the baby ready for labor, check out my website and look under awesome packages!

Week 38:
During week 38, I slowed down quite a bit. I noticed I was more tired as well. (I'm not really sure if there is a correlation) People have been asking how I'm feeling. I don't really know how one is "supposed" to feel at 38 weeks pregnant. I have been having more Braxton hicks contractions for sure though. They have been more regular. I swam more this week, which feels great by the way! Overall, I am doing really well. My energy has been up for the greater part of the time. I still haven't changed my exercise routine too much. I still sleep pretty well at night, and through most of the night. I am VERY grateful. I do about 10 sets of Tupler technique contractions (100 reps) each day, though there were a couple days I didn't do them. I went to the gym once and swam 2-3 times.The biggest difference was that I felt I should do less elliptical, so I went slower and did less time.  I did a day at home doing strengthening exercises including squats, wall push-ups, and some arm exercises. At 38 weeks pregnant, I feel good and I really don't have much to complain about.

Week 39:
I never really imagined hitting this mark! It is crazy how quickly time passes by. I made more drastic changes this week in my workout. One of the reasons was that I was so busy working still and did not have a lot of time. But I also felt that because the baby is getting bigger, by the day I think, my needs are changing. I did ball squats at home as opposed to on the half moon ball at the beginning of the week. Now that I am closer to week 40, I felt I shouldn't do any. To be more specific, I used muscle testing to see what would be the most beneficial. I went to the gym once, and it was just for a short time. I did arms (not even on the half moon ball), standing pelvic tilts, and a slow and steady 5 minutes on the elliptical. I think I could have done more at the 2 resistance and the speed, but didn't feel I needed to. I worked out less, and I think it played a big role on my emotions for a day and a half. For a bit, they were intense! I am all baby at this point. Earlier in my pregnancy, I thought I'd be late for sure from the EDD. Now, I think the baby will be closer to on time. I still feel "more patient than the average person" in the 8th month of pregnancy. I don't mind the baby waiting and baking for longer so I can work more and hopefully feel more ready for the upcoming mommy responsibilities. We will see what happens... After I have the baby, I'll keep you posted on my recovery, exercise changes, and post-body updates.

Week 40:
Yikes! Well, its been a couple days and my body just does not want the same exercise. Last night, I did 5 sets of 100 seated contractions and 5 sets of elevators. While I promised myself patience that last couple weeks, I am learning that it really is difficult. I keep having to tell my self that it will happen in the right timing, when both m body and the baby's body is ready. Even when I think about it seeming "close", its brings on this feeling of panic and anxiety. So I am using 4 statements to help me through this time of waiting:

1. When I am in labor, there will be no complications because I have the strength and my body knows what to do.
2. I have peace and I am excited to meet my baby
3. I am confident that my body knows how and when to go into labor
4. I am confident and excited in my ability to be a mother, and I will be able to breastfeed for the first time

If I don't have the baby today, then I plan on going to the gym to do light arm exercises, some sets of contractions/ elevators, and stretching. I can feel that the baby has dropped, but I don't know how far the baby has to go. While I have a pretty good idea of exercises to do during pregnancy, I feel much more uncertain about the process of labor and what to expect that I originally anticipated.

I did work out. This was on Thursday August 15th. I gave birth to our baby daughter on the 16th.


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  1. This is a fun thing to track during pregnancy! I love your dress in the picture by the temple. And I wish I'd known about Tupler while I was pregnant, now I'm trying to correct.

    1. It's never too late to correct. Are you using the Tupler technique? Its one of the best ways to prevent and correct. My sisters have worked with a lot of people who have had great success with correcting. Check out :)