Fitness after pregnancy

Week 1:
This week, my job is to REST, recover, and take care of the baby. I got home late Sunday night from the hospital. I am not to cook, clean, do chores, etc. I've been sore in the pelvic region from giving birth. Just like exercise was/ is so refreshing for me, this week the rest has been extremely refreshing. I really feel like that is what my body needs. I could have started the Tupler exercises again shortly after birth, but I was so tired and exhausted. Taking care of a baby is a whole new world for me. SO its great to have a break from everything and learn "how to me a mommy". I will start the Tupler exercises in the next couple days. I've already lost inches since I had the baby and its been 8 days. I've lost 20 lbs and I am 10 lbs off from pre-pregnancy. I am not worried at all right now because I know it will come off and what my body needs most is to recover. So for now I am mastering letting my body rest.

Week 2:
I am still resting at home. I've only left the house twice, literally. Once was to go to the pediatrician and the other time was to go to an appointment for me. I've been feeling significantly better this week, with the soreness. The bleeding is pretty minimal now. I started the Tupler exercises 10 pays post-partum. Pregnancy definitely stretched out my skin. I'll keep you posted about improvements with that. I must admit, I am starting to feel restless. It feels like I'm a baby feeding machine.

Weeks 3-4:
I have been doing the Tupler technique mostly, but have not been as consistent as I should have been. Even so, I saw a lot of improvement. The connective tissue felt stronger and my diastasis decreased in width. I started walking after 2 weeks of recovering. I've increased the distance slowly. I am feeling good physically. I'm just tired from less sleep. I went back into the ocean during week 3 and that felt AMAZING! I started some light swimming as well.

Week 5:
 I feel like I can start jogging. I plan on it this week, though I'm a little nervous. I haven't overdone it yet and I know its helped! I have been splinting while doing the Tupler technique and my body is feeling more normal... I think. There is no huge secret to losing to "mummy tummy". Its the Tupler technique. Try it for yourself! The link for the page is under fitness on this blog


2 days post partum:

10 days post partum

 31 days post partum

Progress of Diastasis:

Body Fat %/ weight
1 shallow
1 very shallow
119-122 lbs, 14.5%
3 days post
2 ½ shallow
34 ½”
2 ½ Very deep
33 ¾”
1 ½ medium
31 ¼”
132 lbs
10 days post
2 shallow
2 Deep
1 ½” medium
31 ¼”  
129 lbs
31 days post
1 ½” very shallow
1 ½ shallow
1 ½ very shallow
127 lbs

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