Friday, May 17, 2013

Toxins of all kinds and your surroundings.

There was a study that was mentioned in the Bradley class that was conducted be measuring the toxin levels of the blood in a baby's umbilical cord. They found an average of more than 20 different kinds of toxins, and more than 250 toxins in the umbilical cord. What kinds of toxins am I  talking about? They can vary. Here are some examples:

  • heavy metal toxicities
  • soaps
  • cleaning supplies
  • bleach
  • chlorox
  • food coloring toxicities
  • preservatives
  • pesticides
  • things from aerosol cans- spray paint, hair spray, dyes, etc.
  • varnish
  • building supplies
  • From pollution and the air
  • car exhaust.. 
  • medicines
  • drugs- even over-the-counter drugs
  • vaccinations 
  • ultrasounds??
The list can really continue on. So many of the products that we have and use on a daily basis are actually toxic to the body, and especially the body of the fetus. They can impair brain development, be one of the causes of autism, and cause speech and mental impairment. Anything we put on our body's can impact a pregnancy. It may seem overwhelming. The best thing to do is to determine a couple changes you can make to create a less toxic environment for you and you baby. 

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